MaX Saxe Design Ghost First Post

MaX Saxe Design Ghost First Post

Good afternoon everyone!

I, MaX Falstein, CEO of MaX Saxe Design, have decided to run a test on the Ghost blogging platform that I Kickstarted to see how the latest changes work because my blog tests were derailed after my data centre was totalled by my 70+ foot tree weighing 20 tonnes came down in 108+ Mph winds on 23rd December 2013 @ 14:15 (GMT).

Many of the features are identical to when I last worked on Ghost but some new features have been added.

The clinical cleanliness has remained and I am very impressed with the speed at which I can go from Evernote to Ghost, from notes to article.

I have a lot of work to do at University, I am a BSc Computer Science student and a Classical and Quantum Processing Exascale Supercomputing PhD researcher at The University of Portsmouth, Hampshire, England, UK.

With the amount of work I am already doing, I am finding that I do not have as much time available for generating the latest MaX Saxe Design blog ready for deployment on my own server with the Ghost blogging platform.

I would like to publish my blog, incorporated into my website, as soon as Dec 2014, but I can see that date falling to sometime before Summer 2015 already.

Other work is taking a lot of my time, including work on carrier-grade, industrial, office & residential/home networks specialised for iOS mobile devices and Mac computers.

This is MaX Saxe Design's current Google Blogger (Blogspot) blog:

MaX Saxe Design Blogspot Screen Capture