Ghost Blogging Platform #Update 2

Good morning everyone, two weeks ago I decided to trial Ghost on the Ghost servers before building a fully working system on my own servers in my data centre at home.

Following the information, I wrote before is my update.

Information from the first Ghost Blog post:

Good afternoon everyone,

I, @MaXFalstein CEO of MaX Saxe Design, have decided to run a test on the Ghost blogging platform that I Kickstarted to see how the latest changes work after my own blog tests have been derailed after my data centre was totalled by my 70+ foot tall tree weighing 20 tonnes came down in 108+ Mph winds on 23rd December 2013 @ 14:15 (GMT).

Many of the features are identical to when I last worked on Ghost, but some new features have been added.

The clinical cleanliness has remained and I am very impressed with the speed at which I can go from Evernote to Ghost, from notes to article.

I have a lot of work to do at University, I am a BSc Computer Science student and a Classical and Quantum Processing Exascale Supercomputing PhD researcher at The University of Portsmouth, Hampshire, England, UK.

With the amount of work I am already doing, I am finding that I do not have as much time available for generating the latest MaX Saxe Design blog ready for deployment on my own server with the Ghost blogging platform.

I would like to publish my blog, incorporated within my website, as soon as Dec 2014, but I can see that date falling to sometime before Summer 2015 already.

Other work is taking a lot of my time, including work on carrier-grade, industrial, office & residential/home networks specialised for iOS mobile devices and Mac computers.

** Edit - Monday 1st September 2014 **

This update is very simple:

*I love the feel, fluidity & simplicity of the design of MaX Saxe Design Blog when running on the Ghost Blogging Platform

I am very pleased to have Kickstarted this wonderful blogging platform

I am working on a few projects with the Ghost Blogging Platform in mind, some of them are personal, some of them are for private companies, some of them are for public companies and some of them are for friends who would like to set up a Ghost blog, but would like something a little more custom and personal to them, their blog topics and their blogging standards.

All of my blogs will be running on the Ghost Blogging Platform in the MaX Saxe Design Complete Server Core, which will not be available as a public pack.
The MaX Saxe Design blog, amongst about ten more, will all run on the Ghost platform, with the MaX Saxe Design Complete Server Core running the whole lot of websites.