WordPress is not my friend

WordPress - what have I done to you?

I do not think that WordPress wants to be my friend

This evening

Any normal day worked hard looking after the builders and glazers for the glass-roofed extension; however, I decided to migrate the MaX Saxe Design Blogspot over to the MaX Saxe Design Ghost at 18:10.

I started the two-step migration at 18:30.

Google Blogger to WordPress

The first step of the two-step process was completed in roughly ten minutes.
It would have been faster, but the WordPress WUI crashed three times before I could upload the XML file of my 817 posts from MaX Saxe Design Blogspot.

Not very impressive at all. I do not think 817 post is not a massive amount - 5.5 MB is not a large file to upload to WordPress, but it continued to fail.

WordPress to Ghost

Having spent roughly two hours trying to work out why the MaX Saxe Design WordPress would not allow me to enable plugins of any sort, I decided it required a little more digging in the WUI files. I wondered if this was an issue with one boolean value being set to false or could it be something else in the settings and configuration files.

It turned out to be neither.

The documentation is at fault. It appears that you can only install plugins on WordPress.org not WordPress.com due to security on their hosted platforms.

I run my DNS resolution through Fasthosts, so I decided to run a server in their data centre for ease due to my own data centre being offline for the time being.

Having set up the WordPress.org server correctly, I tried to install the Ghost plugin, but after six attempts I had to give up and get ready to sleep.

Migration Summary

I did not manage to complete the WordPress step of the migration from Blogspot to Ghost in the route of Blogspot to WordPress to Ghost.


I am going to start MaX Saxe Design Ghost as a completely fresh blog.

All of the posts on the MaX Saxe Design Blogspot will remain available, but it will no longer be updated.

The MaX Saxe Design WordPress.com blog will be at the same stage as MaX Saxe Design Blogspot and will remain available, but will not be updated.

I will host a second blog which will run as an archive when I have enough time to work out why WordPress is not happy with the plugins and I can migrate my data.

I would like to run different Ghost blogs for each year, but this will be a future configuration for 2015 or 2016.