OS X Server 4.0 Cluster & Supercomputer

OS X Server 4.0 Development Preview (14S249f)

Xgrid - OS X & OS X Server

OS X & OS X Server used to run Xgrid configured as standard; however, this feature was removed with the launch of OS X Mountain Lion (OS X 10.8). Xgrid has been included in every version of OS X since OS X 10.4, but it has been discontinued since 2012.

OS X Server as a Supercomputer

Why is OS X Server important to me to run as a supercomputer?

I would like to run my data centre off OS X Server, but a major part of my research requires a supercomputer as well as a data centre. I would like to run the system in this configuration due to the support available with fantastic programs and my own programming experience with OS X, OS X Server & Xgrid, but I cannot do this currently because Xgrid is no longer available or supported.

Why am I writing this post?

I would like Apple Inc. to see this blog post and a report I have put together to prove that there is rather a large community of network administrators, animators, renderers, students & other computer professionals that would benefit from or require an OS X supercomputer/cluster platform.