Security - 512 Characters - Is it Enough?

How secure is secure?

I was asked this question on Thursday 20th Novemeber 2014

The real answer is a lot trickier

In my opinion:

A security system requiring 512 characters is not secure enough for some applications - enterprise security requires a complete overhaul as soon as possible, with only a two handfuls of researchers working on the following generation post next generation of the security systems currently in development.

Having designed security cells for the purpose of putting greater levels of security into practice to protect the data inside the network from users who are without the correct authority or priveledges.

My systems take up to 3.0 x 10 ^ 128 years to run a brute force attack.

My answer to the question asked:

For a person who wants to secure stuff for personal use, yes a 512 character password or security system is secure, but it could be considered secure (up to date) for as little as 12 months from now; 2016 could bring in new security standards, passwords, security key storage systems and encryptions.

More on this in 2015