MaX Saxe Design, Yamaha & Steinberg Nuage

In The Future

As CET of MaX Saxe Design, I have decided to investigate improvements for the Yamaha & Steinberg Nuage Digital Audio Workstation (DAW), with the aim to developing the surround sound network for future use in the MaX Saxe Design Headquarters & the dream of a custom built home in San Francisco, California.

The Yamaha & Steinberg link appears to be very strong when researching the Nuage DAW; the design has been thoroughly thought out with every detail of interaction considered - I am very impressed.

The network is based on Dante, an audio distribution over IP standard that can run over an existing network (PAN, LAN, CAN, MAN, RAN, WAN, Internet through a little modification of the networking standard - something I have been researching for later in the development of this article or a further add-on in the near future) or a standalone network designed specifically for the purpose of ramming lots of audio data down the network via the wonderful Internet Protocol.

I see myself using the Nuage a great deal, it may not be right away, but in a couple of years, no more than five, I would like to be using a DAW, particularly the Yamaha Nuage, for all of my audio routing and mixing.

I have run six mixing desks with twelve Mac Pros in the past for events when every singer required a microphone and it was being recorded for different schools and production teams with different audio settings and requirements, whilst live streaming to private websites for family viewers from the comfort of their own home.
A challenging task that went smoothly, but was completed by six yr 11 (aged: 15/16) students & our professional technician.


From all of this, I understand the requirements behind the audio infrastructure; I only wish we were able to have a complete audio network at my home.

We have a fairly redundant home network, the exception being my Mum's office and my parent's bedroom - that has redundancy through the network switches in the loft, but not in the rooms themselves - I plan to do something about this soon.

Regardless of the state of my entire network, as redundant as it is, I consider it to be not of the standard I would expect to handle audio and visual data.

The entire of the edge network runs at 10 Gbps, the outer-core runs at 16 Gbps and the inner-core runs at 16 Gbps or 40 Gbps.

The bandwidth is available, but I would prefer to wait for Intel MXC to be more supported, at which time I will upgrade all of my infrastructures to the Intel MXC 0.8 Tbps Full Duplex optical networking standard.

Intel MXC cabling will enable an edge to core network infrastructure with resilience and bandwidth optimisation whilst maintaining bandwidth availability.

I will then be able to run every computer to every display via display routing over IP - I can display on multiple monitors around my home.

At the same time, audio will join video data is being transmitted over IP - enabling audio & video data to go to any point in my home.

The Yamaha Nuage & Dante audio equipment will enable me to control the whole audio infrastructure from one point, whilst computers around my home will be able to take control and update the settings on the Nuage from any desk with certain login privileges.

This network design has been thoroughly planned and will be implemented in the future with the goal of opening potential for interaction and live streaming, whilst making our visual and audio based systems more available in multiple (all) rooms.