North Korea - 1024 Public IP Addresses - excess of 24 Million Residents

DPRK - Hackers & DDoS Monsters?

"Not with 1024 Public IP Addresses"

This is not really the case, at all, because you can hack thousands of devices from just one IP address - run those devices as nodes and you have thousands of public IP addresses all controlled from one IP address, or a few if you are worried the NSA is going to bust you and take everything down or you have really bad internet and you want to take on the big guys (Internet Service Providers - ISPs).

24 Million >> 1024

The numbers do not work, not really.

24000000 / 1024 equates to:

One Public IP Address for one in every 23500 people

North Korea is not underpopulated, nor is it a country from the stone age; there is a lot of technology for every person living in North Korea. The issue is with their Government which is not keen on having Public IP Addresses which are harder to control, opposed to the Internal networking that they run as their Intranet.