Anna & I are both University Degree Students, as such, we will be working on our studies the majority of the time.

As much as we would like to spend more time on this blog, it is not the top of the priority list, it will probably never the top of the list, but it is a subject that we will continue with as long as we can.

Having said that, we are not going on a break from the blog, but we feel that sometimes there will not be a post for a few days - maybe even a whole week without a blog, but something will be published every weekend that we can publish something.

We are very busy students who need time together to recharge our batteries as a duo/couple.

Our @Twitter stream @MSDTechNews is continually running and will soon be updated to the latest version of the (closed source) @MSDHawk @Twitter bot.

We do have plans for the future of this blog and will be informing you all as soon as we can.

The plans will be published on this blog & on the @MSDNews Twitter account.