Red Epic Dragon PCIe Flash Storage

RED Epic Dragon with PCIe Flash Storage

The RED Epic Dragon requires a processor upgrade to be able to run PCIe flash storage devices enabling 6K RAW footage to be stored at data rates in excess of 1500 Mbps.

PCIe flash storage devices are capable of being hot swappable.

With two PCIe flash storage devices installed, one can be removed & replaced, whilst the other is being written to.

A more powerful processor, matched with a more powerful graphics processor, would enable live 4k visualisation within the cinematography camera.

The current RED Touch7.0" 1920x1136 touchscreen display is not able to display 4K video, let alone the 6K RAW footage the RED Epic Dragon captures.

The RED Epic is able to output live 4K RAW video for live production, visualisation or streaming to the Internet or Intranet.

The RED 4K Broadcast Module is a fantastic enhancement to the RED range, it can be used to run 4K visualisation on the camera, but this is a little bit messy if you are visualising and live outputting to an SDI or fibre optic (via SDI to fibre channel) network.

In my opinion, this is one of only a few tiny flaws to the RED Epic Dragon, which is a camera I greatly admire.

Having used RED Ones, RED Scarlets & RED Epics, amongst other cinematography cameras, I can record anything with ease due to flexibility & reliability. RED keep their tools in the same locations throughout their range, which enhances the ease of use from hardware to software.