Building Site: Web Source Authoring

I have been building a few web sites for quite some time.

I started source authoring these web sites in Summer 2014, but a lot of University & other work has keep me away from finishing the web sites.

Testing of the web sites is done in house on a wide range of servers & other equipment.

* Apple
	* iMac
	* Mac Pro
	* Xserve
* Arduino
    * Due
	* Ethernet
    * Mega & Mega ADK
    * Tre (future)
* Dell
	* R200
    * R920
* Intel Server Boards
* HP
* Raspberry Pi Model B+
* Supermicro

MaX Saxe Design Web Sites

MaX Saxe Design -

Mini MaX Saxe Design -

MaX Falstein Web Sites

MaX Falstein -

MaXintosh Pro -

MaXwell Falstein -

Becky Saxe Falstein Web Sites

Becky Falstein -

Saxe-Falstein -

Falstein Web Sites

Falstein Secure (Un) Social Network -

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