Networking My Range Rover

I am endeavouring to build a prototype network for my Land Rover Range Rover desert racer hybrid.

Vehicle Specifications

	Chassis:	1975 Range Rover 100" Wheel Base
    Engine:		1988 Range Rover 3.5l EFI V8
    Roll Cage / Space Frame:	FIA Specification 12 point competition cage
    Body:		Land Rover Series 3 Air Portable Custom
                 Lengthened to 100" Wheel Base

The Original Plan

I was interested in using Arduino & Raspberry Pi microcomputers to control the lighting within the cab of my desert racing Range Rover.

The Plan

Computer Controlled

I have been experimenting with Arduino, Edison & Raspberry Pi computers running embedded C/C++, Linux & OS X & networking with the aim to build my car network out of many of these devices.

	OS X:	3 x Mac Mini or 1 x Mac Pro
	Devices:	5 Arduinos, Intel Edisons  or Raspberry Pis
	Network Interconnect:
    	Optical networking

The aim for the project is to build a network that will allow me to control anything within my Range Rover including the 1988 3.5l EFI V8; to be able to do this, I have designed a custom computer for running the V8 engine.