MaX's Electric Road Legal Race Car

I would like to build an electric road legal race car in the future

Why a road legal race car?

I like fast cars, I like racing, I love the sound of electric motors & the performance achievable is incredible.

Why would I not want to build a road legal race car powered by electric motors - yes, plural - I am not going to use one electric motor on a road-legal race car, let alone a race car!

Why not a race car?

I want to build a track only race car, but I would like to be able to build a road legal version of the race car that I can enjoy using on the road.

Are you stupid or just plain foolish?

Some people will think this is stupid or highly foolish - blind ignorance is what some people will label this

It is not stupid, look at Formula E - it is becoming more exciting & exhilarating that Formula 1, which is very sad to me as a huge fan of Formula 1.

I am saddened to inform you all of the fact that F1 is becoming a sport that is always the same. I would like to see cars that are at the limits of cutting edge or bleeding edge technology, creating incredible cars that are capped to be alike in some respects, but in others, the imagination of excellent engineers brings creativity back to the Formula 1 calendar!


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