Electric Motors - Modifying My Range Rover DR100 #Update 5

Electric Motors for my Range Rover DR100

Electric & Desert - match made in heaven or hell?

Electric motors develop huge amounts of torque from very little RPM

Tesla Model S P85D

4WD Twin Motor electric rocket ship of a saloon car designed to be an eco beast

Tesla Automotive

Rubbing its nose in the face of V8 sports cars and supercars

Tesla had some fun developing a car that runs better than the Lotus Elise upon which the Tesla Roadster was based upon.

Tesla quickly decided they needed an executive saloon to scoop up all of the markets.

The Trexa Electric Vehicle Platform is not a good idea for the extreme rock crawling & desert racing Anna & I intend to do with the DR100.

The design is not strong enough, the central pole of batteries will not hold up the to abuse the rest of the DR100 platform can take.


Trexa Electric Vehicle Platform
The Verge - Renovo Coupe