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It is all goe at the moment!

Anna & I have lots of projects & work

We hope to be able to dedicate quite a bit of time to the blog and the tech blog which will separate quite a few of the posts in this blog.

Anna & I are working on our Land Rover Range Rover DR100 Desert Racer - the cab body shell is off and we are working on all of the structure triangulation.

The roll cage is being discussed as to what to do with it.

MaX's Final Year Project

Anna & I are working very hard on my DR100 to be able to support my final year project.


Anna & I are undertaking research projects as a couple & individually.

Disaster recovery aids through noninvasive tracking in mountain ranges & areas of natural beauty whilst data collecting on a large scale.

Photon computing research - MaX's domain.

On-chip, off-chip, onboard, off-board, rack optical networking in data centre & supercomputer environments.