Twitter CEO Post Irrelevant?

Is the promised Twitter Inc. CEO article irrelevant now that Dick Costolo has informed the press he is leaving the company as CEO & will be replaced on the 1st July 2015?

Simple answer: NO.

Longer answer: Still no.

Dick is leaving for a few reasons, many we are officially unaware of, but I am sure we will find a few out very soon.

Dick has not seen the performance he expected and hoped for in the last few years when Twitter Inc. hit the NYSE, it was a spiral of lateness for launch & the stock value soared, it quickly came down and soon after starting falling further.

The value in the stock is not as good as it should have been if Twitter Inc. had continued in the growth of profits & user base; however, it appears that Twitter Inc. has been stagnating a little.

The article Anna & I have been authoring is going to be backdated when we have the time to finish it.