Domain & Web Site Update

Web Site Launches

What is coming & when is it coming?

Not for a little while :(

For now, I have to say that it is not coming anytime soon; we have lots of work to do & not enough time to dedicate it to the website. We were hoping for more time during the Summer break from University, but it has not been that way so far.

I have been working on some of the websites, but many of the pictures & reference files are not yet available or complete for me to be able to finish the website.

The social network is complete for three users but is not complete for all of my family, so I am unable to publish it until I have all the information from my family.

I have been working on penetration tools & a suite with a CLI, GUI & WUI - this is taking a lot of time and will need a lot more fettling.

I have worked on the MaX Saxe Design Annecto project a few days ago, but progress is slow as I rebuild all of the systems with the latest open source module builds.

I have built a custom loader for the latest Nginx for many of my servers - I am working on the RHEL version, but I do have a version working well for OS X Server & Raspbian.

I have a few things to tie up with the OS X version of the loader, but it is coming along well - I am undecided whether to make the shell open source, I am not going to gain anything from keeping it closed source.

Anna & I do have a few projects to work on for University, but we are keeping those under wraps for now - sneak peaks a little later.