Land Rover Range Rover DR100 #Update 7

I spent a lot of time yesterday working out the exact measurements of my chassis - each Land Rover is slightly different due to it being handmade in many aspects of the build process.

I have been designing the optimum suspension setup to work with my aim of designing and building custom suspension turrets & enclosure that climb out of the bodywork.

In the previous update, I stated that I would like to use King bypass & coilover suspension, I am working hard to make sure I can fit both suspension types in along with a hydraulic bump stop in each corner of the vehicle.

I will be changing the axles at some point in the future, it could be this year or in the next two years - it does not depend on whether I emigrate to to California in that time.

Regardless, I will be purchasing a set of Dana 80 axles with limited slip diffs that can be fully locked by an electronic actuator.

I am unconvinced on whether to go four wheel steer with the DR100; for now, I am choosing to stick with two-wheel steer, four-wheel drive. I will not be using the standard steering system at the end of the steering column, I am interested in steering with electronic actuators, opposed to the traditional hydraulic steering used in competitive environments.

The almost instantaneous torque would be useful in high-speed high force rate desert driving to get my wheels pointing where I want them as quickly as possible; especially when running 40 x 20-inch tyres on 20inch rims driving over sand which will be formed around the bottom of the tyre.