Android Sales Drops

Android Sales Drops

Google's Android operating system appears to be coming close to its cap

Google's Android smartphone & tablet operating system has been very successful with a good adoption due to the number of different/similar pieces of hardware you can buy with it pre-installed

"Samsung is slowly killing sales of new phones as their latest phones will only be fully supported for six to twelve months", Anna McArdle of MaX Saxe Design claims quite often to me
"Some Android users, Samsung hardware, in particular, are becoming more annoyed with their hardware as they give a short update lifespan & build in useless pathetic applications taking vital space on simple hardware along with flagship models", my response to Anna

Apple Should Be Happy

Apple's iOS operating system and the iCloud platform that runs on iOS & Mac OS X has been growing in popularity, hence percentage point share has increased again.

Microsoft Windows is still mainstream king with a massive overall lead on Apple & Linux-based distributions for mobile & desktop devices.

There is a different picture painted when comparing just the mobile devices.

Android is beating Apple, by a few percentage points; however, Apple is absolutely trouncing Microsoft.

Microsoft has written off more of the money pumped into Nokia - many of the 29000 jobs Microsoft took over have gone.

I reckon, insider knowledge, this has a lot to do with the lack of development focus from the entire company.

Interesting statistics time for all platforms & operating systems