Land Rover Range Rover DR100 #Update 12

Work Comes First

I know it is not always the way round we wish it would be


What has been going on?

I have been working on the CAD files for the entire car.

The chassis CAD is complete.

The rear roll cage CAD is complete.

The front space frame CAD is complete.

Angle Grinding

The only other work I have been doing on DR100 is a little bit of angle grinding to remove lots of aluminium & steel parts.

Some of the steel parts will be replaced with aluminium to reduce the weight of the vehicle.

Space Frame R2

There are plans to rebuild this truck in the future completely from carbotanium composites.

This will be a long time in the future.


The chassis is being worked on at the moment to decide what do do with the front end and how to raise the front of the body to square it up.

The rear of the chassis needs a complete rework to be able to take the space frame rear tub.