The Wearables War - Apple vs. Google

Tony Fadell, Google Inc. & Nest, will be going head to head with former Apple workmate, Sir Jonathan Ive

From wearables to phones, facial recognition devices (Google glass) to holographic projections, laptops to tablets - the whole spectrum, the two will be at war

What does this really mean?

Tony's startup, Nest, was bought by Google Inc. in 2014 for £2.1bn ($3.2bn); however, Google Inc. received much more than just an Internet-connected thermostat and smoke detector.

Tony, the father of the iPod and the iPhone worked with Jony Ive to create the iPod and the iPhone after selling the iPod idea to Steve Jobs, former CEO of Apple Inc.

Tony is a very talented engineer, he will be spending a lot of time working on wearable tech, very similar to the Apple Watch that Jony Ive has been working very hard on for the last couple of years to make it a success rather than a gimmick.

The Google Chromebook

Gimmick Number 2?

Tony needs to be put in charge of the Chromebook devision to get it off the ground.

The Chromebook is too limited in its features and there are not enough apps to satisfy the average user.

The average user does more than a little web browsing, word processing, emails & accounts.

The average user likes to be able to play some games from time to time & have enough power not to get stuck waiting for web pages & live web services such as Facebook, Instagram, Twitter, Tweetdeck, Twitch & YouTube.

The Chromebook's main alternative is the Apple iPad Air 2. Roughly the same power as the Chromebook, but with a far wider spread of applications available to download and install.

The iPad is the most successful tablet with a large majority of sales.

Google Glass, Microsoft HoloLens - what will Apple do?

I think Apple Inc. would be foolish not to be researching and developing wearable technology for the face; however, I do not think the wearable on face market is developed enough. The specifications for real-world requirements have not been realised.

Jony Ive and his teams should be planning and try out possible implementations for the wearable on face market, no products for launch or sale for a few more years.