Ditch DVI - An Open Letter

Dear Graphics Manufacturers,

Please ditch all forms of DVI on all of your graphics solutions from entry level to full professional & graphics compute units.

It is an outdated, large & wasteful interface that is fully supported over DisplayPort & HDMI interfaces through conversion cables.

It is not necessary to have a native DVI connector, let alone two connectors on high-end graphics solutions such as AMD Radeon R9 395x2, AMD Radeon R9 295x2, Nvidia GTX Titan Z & Nvidia GTX 990 Ti.

High-end graphics solutions such as the AMD Radeon R9 Fury Tri-X now support three Mini DisplayPort 1.3 connectors & one HDMI 2.0 connector.

Most annoyingly, the AMD Radeon R9 395x2 features a DVI port - this is the most powerful graphics card AMD makes, yet it features an outdated interconnect that limits the card in my opinion.

I would spec the AMD Radeon R9 395x2 with four or six Mini DisplayPort 1.3 ports to support four or six 8K DCI monitors.

I want to be able to convert any dual socket graphics solution to a one socket liquid cooled graphics solution, such as the EK conversion for the AMD Fire Pro W9100 professional workstation graphics solution.

Good Examples

AMD Fire Pro W9100 professional workstation graphics solution

Sapphire TRI-X Radeon R9 Fury gaming graphics card

What Can AMD & NVIDIA Do To Solve This?


Source: WCCF Tech GTX 980 & R9 395x2 Review

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