AMD FirePro & ThunderBolt 3.0

Apple Inc. & Intel brought us Thunderbolt 3.0

AMD brings us the FirePro range of super high-end professional workstation graphics solutions

What do you get when you put them together?

The Mac Pro

That is the real answer, the Mac Pro.

The only workstation that runs the ThunderBolt graphics solution out of the box is the Mac Pro.

The Plan

I would like to be able to use an AMD FirePro, whether it be a W9100 (current) or a W10000 (future) & the ThunderBolt 3.0 port technology on one PCIe graphics card.

The specs:

AMD FirePro W10000

Eight Thunderbolt 3.0 ports

These eight ports are each capable of powering two 4096 x 2160, one 5120 x 2880 60Hz or one 6720 x 2880 60Hz display

ThunderBolt 3.0 over USB Type C connector

USB 3.1

Four PCIe lanes - this is the main issue

My Uses

I would like to use a single Mac Pro with dual CPUs & quad GPUs to run a single Mac eight monitor workstation.

ThunderBolt 4.0

I would like to see the AMD FirePro W10000 featuring eight ThunderBolt 4.0 ports as detailed in my article earlier today.