September Update

September is Upon Us

Back to school for many youngsters.

Back to University for many young adults.

Back to Halls for some fortunate people do not have to start University yet.

The long wait of a few weeks to finally get back to University routine for many (Anna & I (MaX) included).

What is going on with the web site developments?

Far more work on the websites, the forums are coming along very nicely, but they are taking a little bit of time to complete as some of the features are not optimised.

The main PHP & HHVM pages are complete. I have some Node.js files as well, but these have been done for quite some time. I do need to work out whether I can use a bit more Node for a few more sections, but everything is set for the main uses for Node.

I am pleased with how the development of all the websites is going. was the first to be complete is complete is complete is complete

There are a few more pages to complete, but many of those will be done soon and will be launched by the end of this year.

I am considering making a social networking linking only subdomain for, probably with a very simple list appearance.

I am very interested in doing this for my other lineage, my mother's maiden name.

I have been working on a few test details more MaXintoshPro - a few YouTube tests and a few website tests.

MiniMSD is complete - I have been building a few extensions, but nothing that will go live for the next year or so.

The next step for some of these websites is to make sure that the sites are lived on 13th September 2015.

The Saxe Falstein Design web site will be going live on 30ht September 2015.

All of the subdomains will be going live on 31st September 2015.

All for now

This month is going to be busy, very busy!

We will try to keep you updated on everything going on with MSD & a few more features, but I expect it will be a slow down for September due to the starting up of University degree again.