Ghost (Pro) = Ghost Hosted

This blog is currently running on Ghost (Pro)

This means we are running on the professionally hosted system set up by Ghost and running on CloudFlare.

CloudFlare Network Map
Source: CloudFlare

We, MaX Saxe Design, will keep this blog on Ghost (Pro) until we are ready to transition to our own servers again.

We used to host this blog & a few others on our own hardware, that was prior to our data centre being crushed by a 70+ foot 20+ tonne tree.

The data centre is being rebuilt and a skeleton local service is being run; the rest are running on remotely hosted physical or virtual servers.

The plan for this blog

We will move, at some point in the next two years, onto our own servers in our new data centre.

Ghost (Pro) Support

I, MaX, will run a few personal blogs for my family on the Ghost (Pro) service; not for my own convenience, not for my family's convenience, but due to a sense of pride and wanting to make sure Ghost has my financial support post Kickstarter.

I will run a few personal blogs, but the majority of the more professional blogs will be self-hosted in our own data centre.