We Are Busy

The Title Says it All

We are super busy!

We both have University commitments - we both have personal commitments (fortunately, to each other) - we both have family commitments - we both have professional commitments


My family are professional landlords

My father is the Technical Director of his own company

My mother is an artist, graphic design, illustrator & other arty disciplines. She loves miniature houses, rooms & buildings - less so of the quintessential dolls house

When we are not working, we are likely to be found working on one of our rental properties or developing our projects, which include: Land Rovers & Range Rovers, the workshop, the data centre & computers


My father is a software engineer

My mother is an IT & Gaming lecturer

My parents often have to bring work home with them

Both my sister and I are committed to Scout troops which takes up our parents' time too. We are kept busy by our weekly activities and family meet-ups

As a Couple we are Very Busy

We make our relationship work, we think very well.

I love my Gromit & I love my Wallace

All of this to say we are busy?

Not really, it is to say even though we are busy, we make time for each other & each other's families.

Our relationship is worth anything & everything.