Armageddon Data Centre

How powerful would an entire data centre be in the cyber espionage battles being continually played out?

Cyber Espionage

A dedicated cyber espionage data centre is incredibly powerful in today's world

An entire data centre dedicated to cyber espionage is a very powerful tool in the cyber wars that are starting to be waged across the planet

North Korea, DRPK, is becoming increasingly active in their large-scale cyber espionage activities - these operations tend to be based in NK or China

The elite NK Cyber Army is based in China

More and more people are being recruited into cybersecurity because more and more people are being recruited into cyber espionage

Criminal numbers entering the cyber business have drastically increased

Running a slot credit card is too easy to be caught

Hacking a bank anonymously is much easier these days

It is becoming harder with the number of advanced digital spying organisations around the planet that are sharing information & gathering lots of information independently & as a collective

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I have devised a micro armageddon data centre in my own air gapped test LAN with superb results.

Using Node.js networking modules, which I think will be the hackers' & DDoS operators' next huge thing in 2016, I am able to overload servers & seek out vulnerabilities.

Servers are able to find anything of interest to me, database driven, index it & return it to me to view.

Tags are included & could be extended to support tag indexing in the storage indexing database.

There is a bright future for all of this technology.

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