December is Upon Us!

Christmas is right around the corner!

Official MSD logo arriving January 2016.

Complete change around of the current blogs and upcoming news platforms will mean a launch by the end of 2015.

Forums will go live in the 4Q2016 or 1Q2016

We think MaXintoshPro will be going live in 3Q2020 - this could change to a few years down the line (2025 at the latest).

Our new data centre should be ready in the 3Q2016 or 4Q2016 - I hope it will not be any later!

MSD would use hosting providers, but they do not offer support for FQDN server-side includes & custom firewall configurations & preferences.

Data centre network architecture designs will be made public in the future.

The security systems in place will never be published; however, Security Cell will be commercial product companies can purchase.

Security Cell Cryo is a future project that is being devised for 2020 thinking, which is crazy thinking.

Anna & I are really looking forward to December, not just for Christmas when we can spend lots of time with our families, but because we have a lot of really cool projects lined up for December 2015 & January 2016.