UK Net Companies Under Scruitiny

UK technology companies have been feeling the pressure from quite a few high profile cyber attacks in the past three months

The UK Government Data Commissioner has been investigating

Cyber attacks or hacks have been increasing in scale & frequency in the past month with a number over very high profile attacks affecting a number of UK & US Internationally renowned technology companies, technology giants & Internet Service Providers.

Could Cloud Infrastructure be Next to be Hacked?

Many of the hacks are run on private clouds behind the darknet or the Tor platform.

These servers are often bought with stolen credit card information.

Some of the servers used in the PlayStation Network hack, a year ago, were hosted by Amazon AWS network, in particular, the Elastic Compute Cloud or EC2 network.

Cloud infrastructure has been targetted before & will continue to be attacked for a very long time.

Nothing is completely secure, it would need to be changed every millisecond to be as secure as possible. Sadly, that is not really possible as the human would not be able to cope with a new password every millisecond.


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