Load Balancing Research Paper

Load balancing is of significant interest to me. I am very interested in how load balancers can be placed throughout the network to accelerate the delivery of content throughout a very large campus or metropolitan network to simulate the aggregated use across a much larger mesh network, The Internet.

I am looking at researching compound load balancing, but it appears to be new; that means I can design completely new ideas on how to take load balancing to a compound level.

That would mean that one would have free reign, but that is not the case.

I am fully aware of all of the alternative developments made in the load balancing field; all of these give the basis for my developments.

I am taking my developments much further than just research; I have proposed they become a paper in the not too distant future in one of my final year papers.

I will be taking a few existing technologies, using some as they are now & changing a few, along with some custom technologies all combined with a load balancer to provide the best load balancing network.

A simple hardware load balancer is no longer adequate

The paper will be started in September 2016, it is part of my degree, so it cannot (officially) start before September, the start of the academic year. I will be working towards it from now (8th January 2016) until I can officially start the paper.

The paper is coming - due date March 2017