Heard, Read, Seen & Talked About

It Can be Hard to be Heard, Read, Seen & Talked About

I have been trying to meet all four - it is very difficult


Bing heard about comes from working towards gaining contacts, whether it is on LinkedIn or through jobs you have done.

I have found online coding teams to be a good way to find people like me, who share contacts to attempt to get to the position you would like.

I have been in a few podcasts & radio audio snippets, but these are hard to be picked up from. A few YouTubers, some of which have live streams & podcasts, include podcasts from other users if they are appropriate.

I would like to work with a few YouTubers & podcasters in the future, but it is not at the top of my priorities. I would like to find time for editing the footage I have stored, but there is always something more important to do; family, career & degree.


How to be read about is the easiest way to be noticed; Google Blogger/Blogspot, WordPress & Ghost blogs are easy, free or inexpensive to set up. In most examples, the blog is available for editing in only a matter of minutes.

One could be read about on blogs, on websites, web bulletin boards, newspapers & magazines.

It is easy to be read about.


How to be seen is a little easier; YouTube videos, visual podcasts & live streams are very easy to produce & publish, which is a big difference to the more conventional cinema & television platforms, which are very hard to get into.

YouTube videos - the self-publish platform for the public. Billions of hours of video for consumption with something for everyone's tastes. YouTube is a very good way to be seen by the mass public, it takes a lot of time to get all of the footage cut & edited in a form suitable for professionally presenting yourself.


The next stage is to be talked about. This is through other peoples blogs, comments, websites, forums, news, videos, podcast & in person.

Anyone talking, positively, about you in the public domain is good!


If you can get recruiters talking about, you are usually doing something right.

Getting recruiters to notice you are very hard, but it is possible. Creativity is key when communicating with recruiters. That is what I am working on when I communicate with recruiters - my websites are coming along nicely & will show my abilities.

My own plan is to finish my degree before diving, full time, into the technology sector.

What to do?

Carry on working on projects & make more time for patenting my ideas, projects & thoughts. Keep connecting, keep blogging, look at making a few videos & live stream a little on Periscope Twitch & YouTube. I am continuing to building my many websites (14 websites, now with a total of in excess of 1000 subdomains) & web applications.

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