Exbiscale Supercomputing

Exbiscale Supercomputer Race

Barack Obama's declaration of a requirement for exascale (now exbiscale) supercomputers before 2020 has driven my development in this sector.

In my opinion, the system has to be secure for use by NSA & GCHQ in high-level cyber warfare, defensive & offensive.

** High-level sensitivity is crucial in the cyber warfare sector.**

ExbiFlops (2^60) is the binary logic version of ExaFlops (10^18) computations per second.

ExbiFlops shows roughly 1.15 times the computations per second compared to ExaFlops.

Why did I chose ExbiFlops over ExaFlops?

For my research into supercomputer technologies, in particular to photon computing, I decided the binary logic equivalence of ExaFlops was a superior measure.

Base 2 vs. Base 10.

As supercomputers operate on Base 2 (binary = 0 or 1), it is my opinion for supercomputers to be more optimised for a Base 2 comparison.

I am fully aware of the computation calculated is always in Base 10 and the operation for that calculation is Base 2.

ExbiFlops is what I am working on, it will not be done by many, but it will be done by the few institutions and organisations who wish to show their supercomputer is an Exbicomputer.