The Infamous MaX Saxe Design Twitter Articles

I, MaX, CET and Founder of MaX Saxe Design, have been building the infamous Twitter articles since 2013 when Twitter started showing times of struggle.

I have been working hard to find the real reasons why Twitter is struggling to grow and the reasons for the turnover in staff.

Halfway through the write up of my third article, I suggested the reinstatement of Jack Dorsey (co-founder of Twitter) as CEO.

Jack left the role of CEO in the past to startup Square Inc., his mobile payments company.

Square is a fantastic company with brilliant products. I know one of the senior chip designers, so this may be a little biased.

Two weeks after I had finished the third article, it was announced Jack Dorsey was returning to the helm of Twitter.

Jack was back as CEO #TwitterIsSaved

Joking aside, the above should have been the official tweet from @twitter.

This was fantastic news for every investor, but the markets seemed not to respond to Jack's appointment.

I was expecting a rise of at least $1.00 per Twitter stock, but nothing happened.

There was lots of talk, but nothing much on the markets.

I looked at what needed to be done by Jack to bring the confidence back for investors.

I wrote two articles and posted them on this blog.

Jack viewed one of them as I linked him on Twitter.

I also tweeted a few @design ideas for @twitter to think about implementing.

Here is an example:

In January 2016, I suggested for @design to remove web links and images from the tweet character count.

This has now been implemented, but I am not claiming responsibility for this addition; it was inevitable at some point for it to become external to the main message as inline content has been changing on Twitter for the last couple of years.

I think there is so much more that can be done by Twitter, but their issue is not with Twitter, it is with the expectations of the market analysts.

Very recently, there was a $2.40 drop in stock price because Twitter was minutely off targets.

Twitter had powered on under Jack's control, but nobody saw it like that.

It was a real shame and I was very annoyed with the short-sighted nature of the market analysts.

I have contemplated recording a video discussing this subject, but I would have to get permissions from Twitter for some of the content and there is a lot to do in day to day life, resulting in me not doing the video, as of yet, maybe later!

Jack has impressed me, he has impressed others, some people do not like him and some people do not like his decisions.

He has made many decisions I would have made but has made some that surprised me and a very select few that I would not have made.

He has his goals and his new team to guide Twitter through every eventuality and has been growing in strength ever since he regained captaincy.

Jack has done incredibly well and will continue to do so.

Keep up the good work Jack Dorsey!