iPad Pro with RAID

RAID, on an iPad?

Has MaX gone mad?

Yes, unfortunately for everyone

iPad Pro



I am going to start with a little outline:

This is not hard for Apple Inc. to do.

Just hardware changes, very little software changes apart from the configuration of the RAID array.

iOS and OS X use the same UNIX based Apple proprietary storage system called HFS Plus or HFS+, which utilises Apple's file system called CoreStorage.

The CoreStorage implementation in iOS is exactly the same as the CoreStorage implementation in OS X.

RAID is supported, Fusion Drive RAID cache optimisation is fully supported and superb interaction software for larger HFS+ storage systems.

HFS+ RAID Array in an iPad Pro - is it possible?

Quite simply, yes it is possible.

There is enough space in the iPad Pro for another storage module.

HFS+ supports NVMe.

You could have two or four NVMe based storage module in the iPad Pro to support a RAID 6 array.

What is the point?

iPad Pro is very much a professional tablet.

Its size is ideal for professionals to design, draw, write, develop and code on.

It supports a mirrored external monitor via a cable or the Apple TV. It supports split-screen modes for most apps and has core support for iCloud.

Would I run RAID on my iPad Pro?


I like having local storage on my iPad Pro. I have 128 GB of local storage.

I have over 20000 pictures in my iCloud Library.

I have 180 GB of documents on my iCloud Drive.

I run private SANs for more data, but this is not public facing. It can only be accessed via a three-node VPN network.

I like caching the majority of my iCloud Drive documents on my iPad Pro.

It makes it faster for me to load when in public places (4G and/or Wi-Fi) and on trains (Wi-Fi).

Apple Inc.

The CoreStorage system is transformed into a stack where it deals with the domains.

Apple Inc. OS X Local File System Domains


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