Corporations Going Paperless

Is Your Corporation Currently Using Tonnes of Paper?

This is the article to put in front of your Chief of IT

If you do not have a Chief of IT, please contact MaX, CET and Founder of MaX Saxe Design.

Going paperless is hard

It takes a few employees to spend some long days at the scanner transferring printed paper copies onto the computer system.

This is very hard to avoid, but with the correct commercial scanners, it is possible to automate some of this.

It can be difficult to save time with small scans, but large documents make for light work with automation.

Unreliable Internet Service Providers

Flakey Internet connections can be the worst nightmare for a corporation who has just transitioned to cloud-based or secure data centre based.

The best way to solve this issue is to use a branch based caching system.

Depending on your reliance on the computer architecture, this should be a multiple tier mesh caching system connecting all of your branches to each other and all of your branches to the data centre.

The caches will synchronise with each other and synchronise with the servers in the data centre.

If the servers go down, each branch can work and will synchronise across all of the branches.

If the Internet connection to one of the branches goes down, the branch can function properly, but it will not be able to synchronise with the other branches or the data centre without manual phone call base synchronisation.

If a few branches go down, the corporate architecture will make sure the rest functions as normal and the few branches can each work on their own caching system.

A few minutes after Internet connectivity is restored and after connectivity checks, the synchronisation process is initiated with the server and then the branches are brought back inline with all changes across the branches.

Cellular Internet Service Providers

To act as a redundancy measure, having a branch router with a support for a cellular dongle, preferably 4G in a region supporting good 4G service, will help in case of a broadband issue as the data will be diverted over the cellular service.

Cellular services are more expensive than ISP services, but it is a productivity lifesaver.

I would suggest making sure the cellular routings are locked down so only the corporate services are available (only branch and data centre workings), nothing outside of those networks can be reached (no Facebook, Twitter, YouTube, BBC; the exceptions of useful websites including some Google searches is good to leave available).

There is a lot more to be done, but this is a start. If the Chief of IT and his IT admins need more information, notify the writer of this article.