MaX Saxe Design Mail

MaX has been working on MaX Saxe Design Mail (MSDMail) for the last four years.

MaX is tired of exsting communications platforms

Emails are a two-way form of communication but lack the ability to update the content of the email (without sending a new email).

Another feature I would like to support with MSDMail is for emails sent as reminders for other forms of communication to be automatically deleted if the messages have been read without using the link in the email.

One example of this is Gitter and Twitter.

I get an email from Gitter along with a push notification to my iPhone.

I am more likely to use the notification or look back to the notification; however, the emails serve as a great fall back.

I would like to not have the email still there when I go back to my email viewer.

MSDMail will support this feature, which is API driven and completely modular.

MSDMail will support disabling any features if they are not wanted by the user.