Aaron Swartz & MIT - Has The US Government Learnt Anything?

It has been quite some time since I have written about Aaron Swartz, but I have to come back to this wonderful young man.

MIT did nothing to stop The United States of America

Barack Obama, the greatest POTUS of all time, did nothing to put his administration right on Aaron Swartz

Nothing was done by the people who run the United States of America.

The closest that came was far too late for Aaron.

The amount of MIT researchers outraged by MIT's standpoint on the entire case speaks for itself.

The reason for bringing Aaron back on this blog:

Aaron won with destroying SOPA, but have we learnt anything? Has The United States of America Government learnt anything in the years since the loss of Aaron?

Is there any way we can see there has been any changes or lessons learnt?

A small change was Aaron's way until SOPA, it was wonderful to see his proof of concept.

Has The US Government stopped going after people like Aaron quite so aggressively?


#BlackLivesMatter shows they seem to have learnt nothing - instead of hackers and very smart people protecting others, the US Government (Police) have gone after another group of people

Every person is wonderful - have faith in people.

"The Internet is Amazing" - Aaron's belief throughout his life

The Internet should be free to all

Aaron's Law is the finest way to mark the loss of Aaron

Sadly, Aaron's Law is halted, for now, due to Larry Ellison of Oracle.

Furthermore, I would like to work on Aaron's law and see if there is something I and we can do to make this work.

There has to be an equal to the power.

An equal to the inequality.

I would like to see just how much we can work together in Aaron's name.

Aaron is a cornerstone of the #hackathon culture.

Aaron and MIT lead the #hacker culture, not as a cyber attacker, but as someone who uses intellect to solve problems using computer systems and continually adapts systems to make the world better.

I would love to have met Aaron Swartz - I like to think we would have got on very well and been friends