Interesting Brandy Library Story

Brandy Library Date Essay

The Brandy Library Date Essay was brought to my attention on Twitter by Laurie Voss @seldo.

It is a very interesting article on the real impressions of seeing two same-sex people at a dinner table and not accepting they can be happy on a date when of the same sex.

I admire the two women in this story for their resilience throughout the slightly escalating situation.

I am disappointed in the different sex couple for their decision to pester you about your preferences. I am so please the Brandy Library staff acted in the way they did.

I may not be LGBTQ; however, this does not mean I do not have a reason to support the movement.

I think Laurie Voss's movement is fantastic.

I would like to visit the Brandy Library, not because of any reason other than it sounds like it is (maybe was, hopefully, is) a very friendly, open and respectful place with tactful employees.


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