Social Networks with Stories

Twitter appears to be the only social network holding out for what seems to be the must copy Snapchat bandwagon.

"Stories" are appearing everywhere.

SnapChat started it.

Snapchat/Snap Inc. did not accept Facebook Inc.'s takeover offer.

Facebook has owned Instagram for a few years.

Instagram copies the Stories feature and implements it in a vastly improved way in my opinion.

Snapchat has a substantial negative shift of users due to the migration to Instagram.

Instagram does it all now, in one app for the hip people.

You can push your Stories to posts if you think they are good enough - it is ideal.

Snapchat is left as it has always been. Snaps and chats.

Facebook launches a new function, can anyone guess what it is?

Yes, you are all right, it is a Stories feature.

I think it is great. I wish they were transferable or duplicated on Instagram. There should be a way to blur some of the features between Facebook and Instagram if the user chooses to do so in the picture taken.

Dear Facebook, do not merge Facebook and Instagram!

Facebook - keeping in touch with family.

Instagram - photographic record of my enjoyable activities and seeing what further afield friends (or people you follow) have been up to.

Instagram makes so much sense for having Stories; Facebook makes less sense apart from many Facebook users not having Instagram accounts to follow everything their family members are up to.