Ghost 2.0 is Here and it is Wonderful

Ghost 2.0 is Here and it is Wonderful

Ghost Blogging Platform has just launched Ghost 2.o, the third iteration of the best and most popular open source Node.js blogging platform.

Ghost has taken 2.0 to the promised land via a new editing platform which is stories based and capable of taxonomy (tags and users) and collections which bring new linking of the content.

Back to the old school #Markdown

Markdown is still here but it is no longer the primary authoring language
Unsplash is easier than ever with the new admin platform - Photo by Chad Peltola / Unsplash
Instagram includes are the easiest they have ever been; no more HTML iframes

That is not to say HTML does not have its place in Ghost 2.0

HTML does have its place in Ghost 2.0

Now then, time to get to business; lets see whether I like the format as you go interface style which Ghost 2.0 is now using in the admin platform.

It is quick, it is really quick; it feels more responsive when typing. I am not willing to test that with camera systems but I am sure it is faster.

There are lost of little improvements on how the whole platform performs; however, I am in love with the style and overall feel of the new admin and writing platform.

There must be more I can talk about but lets get back into more sections and one-click and link modules!

Kicking things off again with another Instagram include
Lets cap the Instagram posts off with my most recent post at the time of writing
Photo by Charles Etoroma / Unsplash

That is how I feel! I am currently in Manchester International Airport waiting four hours for my flight home to Southampton International Airport and then onwards to Fareham.

I am (at time of writing) in Manchester because of the London Internet Exchange (LINX) conference LINX102 as a guest member to discuss the fibre Ethernet backbone of the Internet. LINX102 was full of fantastic talks on a wide range range of Internet topics.

I look forward to become a fully fledged LINX member and attending the next LINX conference, LINX103, in November where I may be fortunate enough to present some of my findings, ideas and research.

Back to Ghost 2.0!

More features: YOUTUBE!

Both are fantastic CNN clips everyone should watch!

The worst thing is the Twitter InfoWars saga - oooohee, now that is a mess.
Twitter does fantastic things but this is not one of them.
Twitter is anti doxxing; however, Twitter will not uphold their anti-doxxing protocols with Alex Jones.

Now, that is for a very different blog post.

Back to Ghost 2.0 features!


Do not panic, it is not Alex Jones, Fox News, GOP or InfoWars; it is Hillary Clinton, no, only joking

There you have it, Ghost 2.0; it is beautiful, it is lovely, it is fast, it is powerful, it is adaptable; it is perfect for my use case