Intel Xeon Scalable

The #Intel #Xeon #Scalable ranges have not received a real update so far this year.

The only Intel Xeon Scalable launch in 2018 was the Intel® Xeon® Gold 6138P  in Q2'18.

Intel Xeon Scalable seemed to suffer from a rushed product completion to compete with the AMD Epyc processors in terms of clock speed across high core counts.

The Intel Xeon Scalable range does not compete with AMD Epyc PCIe density; however, it does compete with single system compute density over lower-cost InfiniBand networked compute modules.

The Intel Xeon Gold 6138P is an interesting product in the sense it is very similar to the rest of the Intel Xeon Gold 6138 processors (6138, 6138T, 6138F, 6138P).

The 6138P is similar, excluding the base frequency despite an identical maximum turbo frequency, to the Intel Xeon Gold 6148 and 6148P with all six processors featuring 20 cores, 40 threads and 48 PCI Express lanes.

The 6138F and 6148F processors are the only two in the selection to feature Intel Omni-Path Architecture (Intel OPA) and a larger package size of 88.0 mm x 56.5 mm compared to 76.0 mm x 56.5 mm as seen on the four other processors.

Socket scalability is the only remaining variation between all six processors.
6138: S4S
6138T: S4S
6138F: 2S
6138P: S2S
6148: S4S
6148F: 2S

The embedded offerings in the 20-core and up Intel Xeon Scalable range are limited to the Intel Xeon Gold 6138, 6138T and the Intel Xeon Platinum 8160T which offers 24 cores.

I look forward to seeing the Intel Xeon Scalable Gen 2 launch which I hoped would be 2018Q2/3; however, it appears it will be 2019Q1/2.

I hope the embedded offerings are further spread across the range including the top of the range processors which currently feature 28 cores.