MaX's War on GPON

MaX's War on GPON

GPON sucks - the whole premise sucks.

MaX's new home will have two dedicated fibre runs from two Equinix data centres each offering 10 Gbps.

GPON means my fibre would not be my fibre for much distance before it was shared with other home owners.

If everyone on that street pays for Gigabit and tries to use Gigabit at the same time, everyone will be bottleknecked.

The hacker attitude would be to send commands to the FTTP edge equipment to temporarily disconnect the other users but this would be morally wrong and potentially in breach of the SLA and/or other contracts with the ISP.

Dedicated fibre uses more fibre but fibre is cheap; MaX has 1 KM of 12-core multimode fibre in my loft sitting next to another 1 KM of four-core multimode fibre and 1 KM of four core singlemode fibre. MaX has 300 M of 96-core DWDM fibre for good measure in the event it is needed.

Uninterupted fibre, via cabinet patch and exchange edge patch, all the way to the switch will always offer better flexability offering rapid change from a 1 Gbps switch port to a 2.5, 5, 10, 25, 50, 100, 200, 400 Gbps switch port.

Service providers, such as Cloudflare, use dual 25 Gbps Ethernet interfaces on every server. Some used to use 40 Gbps but this standard has been superceeded by the 25 Gbps and 50 Gbps standards if not the 100 Gbps standard. The existing 100 Gbps users are already adopting 200 and 400 Gbps standards. 800 Gbps DWDM is already available from Ciena; Terabit fibre is already here.

BT and most British ISPs do not offer what I am looking for.

BT enterprise products offer what I am looking for at 10 times the price of their competitor, SSE Telecoms.

Buying dark fibre from City Fibre is another option along with buying dark fibre from SSE Telecoms.

£50,000 for four years for 10 Gbps fibre over 60 miles from London to the South Coast.