MaX Saxe Design Cloudflare Infrastructure

MaX Saxe Design Cloudflare Infrastructure

We started our full migration of web services to Cloudflare in mid-2019.

We concluded our full migration of web services to Cloudflare on 11th February 2021 at which time we decommissioned our DigitalOcean origin servers.

We removed our edge servers back in 2017 when we migrated to Cloudflare.

We have four Registrars (from first used to most recently added):

  1. Fasthosts
  2. GoDaddy
  3. Cloudflare Registrar
  4. and

We will be migrating every ccTLD domain in Fasthosts and GoDaddy to and over the next few months.

Every supported gTLD domain will migrate to Cloudflare Registrar.

We host Cloudflare Workers for every site and will be migrating to Cloudflare Pages for every site.

We migrated our functions to Cloudflare Workers; however, we find ourselves building new functions at a faster rate due to Cloudflare Workers.

We look forward to seeing how the Node.js inclusion in Cloudflare Workers progresses; however, we are concerned of the slowdown from Cloudflare Workers to Node.js and the potential risk of bloat which we hope Cloudflare will address.

We already use some of the Cloudflare partnerships in our hosting; we hope to see Cloudflare acquire some of their partnership companies to integrate their services as first-party or second-party instead of third-party partnerships.