Arm in Everything in 2023

Arm in Everything in 2023
Photo by Mohamed Nohassi / Unsplash

Linux leads the Arm world for full-fat feature adoption thanks to the enterprise network and server reliance upon Linux.

macOS leads the Arm desktop and laptop World with iOS and iPadOS leading the Arm phone and tablet World.

Windows on Arm is making huge strides as the core libraries are almost entirely native Arm.

More devices around the home run on Arm than ever before.
Households are buying more smarthome devices.

My DIY door opener uses Arm cores. My encryption accelerator uses Arm and RISC-V cores.

My AI accelerator uses Arm, RISC-V and NVIDIA cores.

My favourite scratch-built clock will be rebuilt this year with four or eight Arm cores and an OLED display.

Arm is on top of the World