Apple Inc. Buys Trial Whitebox Hyperscale Servers

Apple Inc. Buys Trial Whitebox Hyperscale Servers

Apple Open Compute Project Architecture

Apple Inc. has joined the Open Compute Project - many new things will come to the Apple Xserve Servers

The Aim - Develop More Powerful Standardised Computing

Apple has purchased a few Whitebox Hyperscale servers from Taiwan in a trial run for their new data centres, creating Apple Bit Barns.

Apple currently uses Dell & HP servers in their data centres, but the Open Compute Project offers Apple a clean start with existing technology to make their own Xserves powerhouses for the new Apple Bit Barns for the New IBM Business Applications which will require more iCloud processing power, possibly a separate Business/Corporate iCloud service & data centre(s).


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[Apple Inc. Web Site](find the Apple press article about joining Open Compute Project)