Land Rover Range Rover DR100 #Update 8


Poor weather could have been to blame for zero progress on Monday

However, Anna & I worked on the car

In the garage

Progress, progress, progress

Garage antics follow:

Anna & I had intended for there to be YouTube videos & Periscope videos, but we have been incredibly busy & weather has not been good.

The weather conditions are important as we need to work outside due to the amount of angle grinding required to remove so many welds on the DR100.

We could do it in my garage, but I do not want any of the sparks to catch in the roof.

YouTube videos & Periscope live streams will start sometime towards the end of July 2015.

Other Preparation Work

CAD is complete for the suspension turrets - I now know exactly what I have to build with steel & aluminium with a TIG welder & nylocked bolts.

Now to order the welder - difficult decision there!