ThunderBolt 3.0 + USB 3.1

TB 3.0 & USB 3.1 - A Match Made in Techy Heaven?

ThunderBolt 3.0 is being brought over the USB 3.1 port Type C

This means two things for your USB 3.1 ports & compatible devices:

Anyone with a USB 3.1 port will be able to use it as a USB 3.1 port - not a ThunderBolt 3.0 port

Anyone with a Thunderbolt 3.0 port (same as USB 3.1 port) will have Thunderbolt 3.0, obviously, along with the multiple streams of USB 3.1

How to Identify the Ports

USB 3.1 Type C

The Type C USB 3.1 port is identified with "USB 3.1" written alongside, SS 10 with USB logo or USB-C 3.1 above or below the port.

ThunderBolt 3.0

A USB 3.1 port with a ThunderBolt logo on the top or beside the port.

The Difference

USB 3.1 will support USB data streams of 10 Gbps - double the bandwidth of USB 3.0 (5 Gbps), with extended support for in excess of 1080p Full HD displays.

ThunderBolt 3.0 will support 40 Gbps Thunderbolt data streams, a single USB 3.1 10 Gbps data stream, two DisplayPort 1.3 data streams.