Fanny: Stuxnet, I am Your Father

Fanny, an advanced computer virus has been reported to have been the forerunner to Stuxnet

Stuxnet is the, rumoured, computer virus created by GCHQ, NSA & targeting the Iranian Nuclear Program

Stuxnet infected programmable logic controllers & their master controllers

Fanny is a similar beast to Stuxnet

Stuxnet has been re-engineered in many smaller packages for use against Democratic People's Republic of Korea or North Korea as known to the rest of the world

Russia, China & the US Government have been the target of subversions of the Stuxnet computer virus, but this was in a small attack, which did minimal damage due to the mitigation after seeing the full effects of Stuxnet

I wonder if Fanny or Stuxnet Will be Used in 2016


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