Load Balanced Web Architecture

I wrote an article on my load balancing research paper

Load Balanced Web Architecture

I have been looking at existing systems for CDNs, such as Akamai & CloudFlare; another avenue for researching has been the complete system or stack of large web sites, such as Wikimedia & Imgur; along with Internet Exchange Points (IXPs) & Internet Service Providers (ISPs), such as LINX, AT&T & BT.

The caching systems are of great interest to my load balancing research paper.

Another avenue for my research has been Cellular Service Providers (CSPs).

I have been spending a little bit of my spare time working out a few designs to put forward in my research paper.

Example Sources

Wikimedia Servers

Wikipedia Web Request Flow

Is it possible to load balance a cache

CloudFlare Network Diagram

Tech-Tuseday Imgur Technology Stack

Overloaded.io Cloud

Scaling out postgresql at CloudFlare with Citusdb

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