Well Done Tim Cook, Well Done Apple Inc.

Apple Inc. vs. FBI

This is what it has come down to.

Tim Cook is defending his company, Apple Inc., from building a version of iOS which has backdoors for the FBI to remotely access any iOS device.

Nullifying all security systems
Enabling brute force attacks on computer systems entering millions of combinations
Tracking every single iOS user

Tim Cook will not allow any of this to happen

Tim's open response to the FBI is one of those moments to remember.

Some people have said one man (Tim Cook) vs. the FBI - over dramatic fools.

This is Apple Inc.

Apple Inc. is a truly vast organisation, with almost limitless power but it has shown a different hand today to many people around the planet.


Apple Inc. has taken a different path to Google.

A lot of exploits have been shown recently from Google - not the main point of the article, but I thought it should be highlighted.

Many people moved to Android for security reasons; now Apple Inc. shows its true colours for how seriously it takes its customer's private data.

Here are a few Twitter examples:
BREAKING: Apple to fight government orders to create a backdoor into iOS. pic.twitter.com/f0mdK0NfVRFebruary 17, 2016
Frankly, I’m tired of Android fanatics pretending Apple isn’t genuinely fighting for customer privacy.

This is contrary to all evidence. February 17, 2016
Last Girl with Dragon Tattoo novel had someone switch to an Android phone because it was less vulnerable to hacking.

LOL. February 17, 2016
@cdutson Android is drastically more susceptible to rooting. That’s just simply a fact by anyone that understands the subject. February 17, 2016
@cdutson Pretty much. You can have a phone you can easily root, or you can have a phone that’s more secure. These are mutually exclusive. February 17, 2016