San Francisco or San Jose

San Francisco or San Jose

Where to build the Head Quarters of MaX Saxe Design?

There is the San Francisco corner and the San Jose corner.

San Francisco is beautiful.

San Francisco is an hour of driving from where Anna and I would like to build our home.

San Francisco does not have much space for a large plot acquisition at some point.

The only option in San Francisco would be to buy smaller lots, put them together and build up, which is what everyone seems to be doing!

I would love to buy a townhouse as a second home to fit out with clean furnishings and have it as a chill out retreat with gaming and whatever we need.

This might be accompanied by a small branch like office for some of the MaX Saxe Design employees.

San Jose will be closer to where I would like to build our home.

So San Jose makes much more sense already.

Less time driving, more time working or with my family.

San Jose has some real estate opportunities, but the bare land is not readily available at the moment.

There are some truly vast listings for in excess of 3000 acres of land, but looking for 10 to 100 acres is not possible.

Being interested in architecture, I would like my home and some of the MaX Saxe Design HQ to be hidden and be part of the ground where it arises from.